Steve Mann; Research: WearComp-related papers

If you're in the MIT area, you might also want to look at Steve Mann's ShootingBack exhibit in the List Visual Arts Center (LVAC), located on the first floor of building E15, which also houses the Media Lab, located at 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA. There, on display, are some embodiments of his "WearComp"/"WearCam" invention selected from the 100 or so units he's built over the last 20 years. The few units that were selected for the show are those that are most relevant to issues of surveillance in society (re-situating the video camera in a disturbing and disorienting fashion in order to challenge our pre-conceived notion of surveillance in society). WearComp empowers the individual who would be otherwise vanquished in the face of large hegemonic organizations.
Ontario Centres of Excellence show (depicting evolution of Mann's WearComp invention over the last 20 years) to appear, Ontario Science Centre, Feb. 28 to Mar 9. Special thanks to Ted Kawana and Bruce of the Ontario Science Centre for help in the set design, to Engineering Week,, in particular, Judy Saurette, for funding the purchase of the mannequins for the exhibit, and hosting it as part of Engineering Week. Thanks also to the Ontario Centres of Excellence, in particular, Sharon Airhart, as well as Grey Interactive,, in particular Dougal Bichan, for coordinating this effort.


Prof. Steve Mann
University of Toronto
Department of Electrical Engineering, Room S.F. 2001,
10 King's College Road; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; M5S 3G4
Tel. 416.946-3387
Fax. 416.971-2326

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