Opening Plenary Keynote Panel Discussion

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Opening Debate: Sousveillance in the Panopticon

Grand Ballroom 2, Floor 4

For many years, Dr. Steve Mann has been working on wearable computing. He now goes everywhere recording and broadcasting on the Internet his every movement and experience. As surveillance in society grows, Steve fights back by recording his own version of experience, which he claims as his inalienable right. Is sousveillance the only weapon individuals have, or are more cameras just adding to the problem? We will hear from a panel of experts with widely divergent views: Dr. Mann, the Cyborg; David Brin, author of The Transparent Society; Dr. Ivan Szekely, drafter of information and privacy legislation in the former eastern bloc state of Hungary; and computer scientist Dr. Latanya Sweeney of Carnegie Mellon. The panel will be moderated by Anita Ramasastry of the University of Washington Law School.

Organizer: Stephanie Perrin;

Panelists: Dr. Latanya Sweeney, Dr. Steve Mann, David Brin, Simon Davies, Dr. Ivan Szekely

ACM Computers, Freedom and Privacy (CFP), April 2005

Equiveillance: The equilibrium between Sur-veillance and Sous-veillance

Steve Mann,
University of Toronto
On the Identity Trail, anonequity project,

Slide 1: personal anecdotes: discovery and understanding of certain aspects of equiveillance

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CFP: Unterwachung statt Überwachung.


Held in conjunction with: Bell Canada Sousveillance Tour of Seattle;

and: Keeping an Eye on the Panopticon: Workshop on Vanishing Anonymity